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Good access and visibility are a prerequisite for a successful business. The New Ringtee stockoffice is logistically located in a great location. Good access from Tallinn, Tartu and elsewhere in Estonia, and its location directly on the new Tallinn Ringroad offers a good advantage over competitors. Today, about 40,000 vehicles per day travel around the ring road; this number is expected to increase after the ringroad has been completed. After the end of construction by ringroad, you can reach all Tallinn districts in Tallinn within 15 minutes. A comparison can be made with the Finnish city of Vaanta, which is located around the ringroadnand has moved to a large part of the businesses serving Helsinki. Easy access to racks – Minimal time lag – No need to stand in traffic jams, in addition to being able to park in the Circle K’s truckpark. Jüri ring is the Estonian hub in the logistical sense. Along with the Tartu highway, this circle carries around 80,000 cars a day.

Uus-Ringi road 5 Stockoffice location

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